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Making ice isn't exactly a difficult thing to do. You just pour some water into some ice cube trays and wait for it to freeze. Ice makers automate this whole process. They also add some other conveniences as well.

With the push of a button your can have crushed ice, or solid ice delivered right to your warm beverage. You get instant satisfaction with an ice maker until that one unfortunate day when the ice maker decides that it no longer wants to make ice.

Hopefully your ice maker is not leaking. If it is leaking, it could just cause more problems if it is not fixed right away. The good news is this, when most ice makers breakdown, they just stop working. So if your ice maker has stopped giving you ice, call Totem Appliance Service. They know exactly how to fix all major ice maker brands. Nobody wants to drink a warm glass of water.

Emergency Tips!

Smoke or Sparking – unplug or shut off the breaker immediately.

Leaking water or overflowing - turn off the machine and shut off the water supply.

Standing water - DO NOT operate any appliance - turn off the breaker.

Smell gas (smells like rotten eggs) do not use your appliances. Exit your home and call for assistance from your gas company or 911. Shut off gas main if possible.

Appliance fire - use a fire extinguisher or baking soda to douse a flame. Flour, water or other substance can make it worse. Large fire, exit and call 911.

Metro Vancouver: (866) 933-1333
Calgary: (877) 700-5414
Fraser Valley: (888) 909-5160

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